“Yes”, I continue as I take a sip of my coffee at the small cafe by the beach, “I read your ebook on leadership

What makes you qualified?

That was a good point that you included early in your story.  But, like a story, is there truth in there or is it simply what you want to exist.  Is it real or the way that you would want it to be, yo”

“One does not make requests in polite company without regrading for results; one does not ask without plans; one hardly takes a deliberate step with no intent to take another one.  You never start and end on page 1 of a good book –when you start reading, it is with the plan to continue through conclusion.  Browsing the back page or cover is a means to see where the story is going but, all good readers, skip the cliffnotes to dive into the real meat of the novel, yo.”