“Who are you, yo”, I ask Bilta as I signal for the waiter to come over to the table, “you aren’t someone else besides who you are, yo.  Your identity is not what that other person is, yo.  You are nothing besides you, yo.  I am hardly me dependent on you, what you think or the actions that you take, yo.  It’s called an External Locus Of Control or relying on someone or something not you to define or be you.  You are not you when you are not you but someone else.  It seems very contrarian to say that you are nothing but you are hardly anything that matters to the 416 inhabitants on Dorinto.  Instead you are a point in a field of numbers and assigned a place with coordinates per an X, Y and Z location being the distance from a standard place and in that matrix of height, width and elevation, resides you, yo.  Your measurements dictate your size but no existance beyond you can be implied to be you, yo.  Your possessions are also not you but merely things that you own.  What you have is still outside of you but what you have, yo.”

“Get out of here, yo”, he replies as he scans the menu at the café by the beach, “they just added fried frozen egg salad 

and cole slaw, yo. I haven’t eaten that in so long I can hardly remember what it tastes like, yo.  I haven’t had that delicacy since I was a small child living on Planet IFKJHHJ.2, yo.  My mom.digital.robot would make it at exactly 9:17am every fourth Tuesday of the 3rd month of the 2nd Lunar Calender year as a treat to remind us of the sacrifices that she made, programmed memory, in her journey to our new home.  She would make us suffer to remind us that we have it well, yo.  It is no good to only have pleasure, yo.  If you only know the good then the value of it decreases, yo.  If you can only stand the good times then you will fall when reality strikes, yo.”

When the drink melts, the cubes provide an additional bit of water for a double dish or cake after the dinner or additional drink when the first is gone, yo.  Like a 2nd layer underneath what you order, when the cold coffee is gone then the water hydrates and has a hint of sugar to make a pleasant addition.  Why buy one thing when you can get two, yo?”

“I want to get an iced frappucino, yo”, I speak to the waiter.digital.robot as she jots down my order, “and, make sure that there is extra ice, yo.”

“Why do they water shit down, yo”, I reply as I turn my head towards the surfers in the water, “diluting something good doesn’t mean that you have more of it but just additional quantity of less quality, yo.  Maybe, you should just leave it be rather then adding your special twist to it, yo. If it was intended to be cut with ice cubes then it would have been made that way but I think that you are taking  a good thing and making it last past what is reasonable, 

normal and intended, yo. You may seem clever to extend what is done to resist letting go of it but when you learn to just let it go and enjoy it as the professionals created, designed and engineered it then you’ll understand that joy, pleasure and happiness lie in what others do and not putting your finger on another’s invention to make it better by really stealing what is not yours, yo.”

“I don’t watch TV, yo.  It watches me.”

“I got to be honest with you, Bilta”, I respond as I sip my coffee, “that makes no sense like an undocumented worker being kept off the payroll, yo.  If it’s not written down then it doesn’t exist, yo.  If you don’t inventory it then it clearly must not be in the warehouse, yo.  If there’s no record of it in the shop then we may never know if it even existed, yo.  What’s not written down is forgotten, yo.  What you don’t keep track of or let slip away is lost forever.  How many good packets of mustard are lost every year on careless bookkeeping or deemed surplus to auction off in the mystery of why potato chips are so cheap in 3rd world countries when business waste is sold at a fraction of purchase or manufacture to recuperate lost sales.  You can’t always break even in your business so you need to offload excess at what the market, good or illegal, dictates so, like all businesses, you take what the seller offers to the highest mark and walk away with the 15 cents in your pocket and think how to make more money on the next transaction or sale to get back to the positive side of finances, yo. 

You can’t operate a business indefinetly at a loss and you can’t sell for a fraction of acquistion cost without hitting a limit.  You can put everything on credit but at some point your card will be declined and you can’t just bankruptcy yourself out of trouble with no consequences as if it never happened.  You can’t expect someone to come in and rescue you when you are the one that made the decision and choice, yo.  I personally am a liberal democrat but that in no way means that your going to solve my problems or you are the slave and I’m the master, yo.  A level playing field means that the days of slavery are done and we are equals not tiered, yo.  I wish that you would realize that you are no less then me and I am no better then you, yo.  You may excel at one area and I may be worst at other stuff but, at the end of the day, after we punch time cards, we all go home to our loved ones, yo.  Will they let you in the door when you get back, yo?  Will they be they when you return from your day of labor, yo?  Who greets you after work when you are tired and dirty, yo?  Who is there to pull the load beyond what is reasonable for you to do.  

Who is your partner in life to pick up your slack on the bad days and help you celebrate the victories, yo?  

Who is on your side and who is the stranger watching you for their opportunity to take from you, yo.  Working men work and criminals take and it’s been this way since the beginning of everything and when will you learn, Bilta, that the secret to success is to work hard and guard you’re her house from the fox, yo. 

For this a wolf in the area has been known to scare away many predators like a scarecrow in a field keeps away the scavengers, yo.  Are you the taker of others work or contributor to societym yo?  Are you watching your house to keep away the strangers or your neighbors to take away their kitchen table, yo?”

“Why would you take away your neighbor’s kitchen table”, he replies as he sips his water at the café by the beach.

“If you have no food then you need no table like watching TV without an antennae and not receiving any stations, yo.”

“Yes”, I reply as I roll my eyes, “I understand that you’ve been getting into labadoodle breeding and raising them to a standard that easily can win best in show with even the worst of the litter but you also raise a plethora of other questions that have in no way relation to labadoodle behavior conditioning, yo.”

“One of the labadoodles speaks on command and another makes iced frappucino’s with just a hint of cream and three packets of raw sugar to my liking, yo.”

“You know what I would like to make a labadoodle do, yo?”

“Jump through three hoops, run up the stairs, do a 360 spin and recite Shakespeare’s Othello while balancing a cup of whole milk on it’s back and a monkey riding in a western saddle while singing King Leer in the key of G#, yo.”

“I tried that once and it didn’t work out so well”, I respond as I sip my coffee and look back out to the ocean by the small café at the beach in Dorinto, “I once had ambition to make labadoodles come to my command but it was too easy, yo.  Just a little food at 4pm mixed with a Sonnet and Mozart’s Requiem at 140BPM and they do whatever you want to get a little bit of food, yo.  But, then I got into training cats and Pavlov may have started our thinking in mamalian response conditioning but he hardly took it far enough or translated to work on feline’s, yo.  That is where the real skill and talent come in, yo.  You can get a dog to wag it’s a tail but try to get a cat to make a coffee with 3 parts half-and-half and espresso & the war of attrition between you two will always fall into victory on the other side, yo.  Forcing a cat to bend to your will is like betting your future on grabbing the gold at the end of the rainbow when it rains before the leprechuan takes a shit in the bucket, yo.”

“I have absolutely no clue what the fuck that you are talking about in absolutely any way, yo”, he replies as takes a sip from his taza, “so anyways, at work, I decided to write another e-book on the brief history of War & Peace As Related To Crustaceans In The MesoThemia Period Between The Dawn Of Man And Homo Erectus, yo.”

“Huh, yo?”, I respond as I take a sip of my coffee; there’s 14 surfers in the water at this moment and I wonder if that hummingbird still goes to the old feeder at the old house before we moved into the apartment to reconnect with the real world around us after living in the country for what can only be described as 2 seconds past normal and 4 seconds before insanity, yo.  The thin line between what is deemed appropriate behavior in a civilized society and the fringe of mental illness that betakes a man when he is subkect to the harsh reality of isoliation in the walk between the towns of Dorinto outsite the climate-controlled enviornment from the programmable digital.thermostat regulated by the governement and accessed solo every third Tuesday of the 12 month of the Lunar Calender on the Planet FWORR21 and housed in Sector 3B Apartment #21, yo.”

“Why do they make it so hard to change the temperature in the city, yo”, Bilta replies as he takes a bite of his grilled chicken breast sandwich and turns his head back to me, yo.  The honor system is a tried-and-true basis upon which many civilizations have arisen and prospered, yo.”

“Pass me the mustard and I’ll show you, yo.”

He turns his head to the small basket of condiments and grabs the mustard our of the package and hands it to me, yo.

I turn my head to look at him and then down at my plate, yo.  I slowly unscrew the top of the plastic container and tilt the sauce as it slowly starts to drip on my shirt, yo.

“Hand me a napkin, yo”, I continue speaking as he reaches into the small metallic rectangle and types code #4895Q in, yo.

“How many did you want me to particle.fabricate this time, yo”, he asks as he turns his head to me, “they charge you on the amount of material that you require to transform the material in the tank to a form that is useful, yo.  I think last time, it took 17schillings to make 6 napkins, yo.  I don’t recall if you get a discount on quantity but maybe you can just tell me how many that you think you need to clean up your stain on your shirt, yo.”

“Zero”, I respond as I shrug, “I have an additional shirt in my backpack for an emergency, yo.  You can’t always solve your problems by buying something, yo.  Money doesn’t solve problems but let’s you get things, yo.  I have another shirt and will go in the bathroom and change shortyly but you have to understand that solving your problems through financial purchase is a hand forced to make more money, yo.  Using cash to get our of challenges is a sure fire way to chase a rabbit down a hole to acquiring everything, in time, yo.  It’s a sure bet to develop a me against them mentality, yo.  If you need money to solve your problems, outside of basic needs or what is reasonable, you need to recollect your mind and think a moment on what it is that you are doing it for, yo.  When you need more money to buy more of what you already have then you need to reexamine your assumptions, yo.  Money Is best spent slowly and spread out to reduce the valeys and mountains, yo.  As a rule of thumb, living on pay checks and famine is the quickest way to ruin your life, yo.  In general, look at the cost of living, in general, with pleasure, and consider that you can’t win the lottery everytime and everyday and expect good luck to carry you through beyond what is reasonable, yo.  A blind squirrel finds a nut in the forrest but hardly enough nuts to support his family and, definetly, not in the long run of life, yo.”

“Here’s your complimentary water, yo”, the digitsal.waiter.robot explains as he sets the beverages down on the table, “you are allowed 3 cups of water until the rationing on Dorinto is lifted when the new transport cargo ship gets through the embargo in Nebula 9R2 Sector 3, yo.  They are demanding increase in living wage while forgetting the fact that business’ can only pay employees money that they bring in, yo.  If you want to help your business, sell more, yo.  From the surplus, it’s reasonable to expect more pay but demanding that your employee incrase your pay from a tight economy is like living off the fhump of a Dromada Camel beyond the amount stored in a good rainy season, yo.  You can’t live on savings forever without running out, yo.  If you only withdraw, you’ll reach your limit, yo.  If you only know how to take out, but never put in, yo, then you’ll find yourself outside as you take but bring no contribution to the table, yo.  No skin and no seat at the table, yo.  If you are only there to watch, we can find a place for you to sit but you’ll be limited to times when we are there, yo.”

“I’m down for that, yo”, he replies as he takes a sip of his water, “I really have no interest in helping at all but if I can watch then I’ll be there, yo.”

“it’s a figure of speech, yo”, I respond as I take another sip of coffee, “in life, there’s no spectator’s section, yo.  You’re either in it or out, yo.  You can’t just watch reality like a sports event as a cos-player outside the scope of what is normal behavior, yo.  You can watch TV all day but that hardly makes you an expert on how the shows are produced behind-the-scenes, yo.”

I look back at the water as a small swell rolls towards the surfers, yo.”


“You”, I continue speaking a I turn my head back to him, “can, always, try to stand on the surfboard without the wave, or before the others waiting, or after it crashes, but the key or secret is in the timing, and you’re obviously not, in any way, experienced, yo.  You can certainly do it a different way then the others that have success that way and then you can let us know what happens, yo.”

“I’m a level 6 Dungeon Master”, Bilta replies as he places his feet on the ottoman and reclines in the corner in the café by the bech, “as I see it, my life is basically on cruise control, yo.  I merely show up and they put out, yo.  I have built such a status, or standing for me, that I don’t even have to do the work anymore, yo.  The work just magically does itself, yo.”

“Speaking of doing your self, yo”, I reply as I pick up my taza and take a sip, “you read the new book on the digital.webz about Self-Love, yo?”

“Is that where you fuck yourself with bad decisions that ruin your life, yo”, he replies as takes a sip of his hot tea, “I read that and it inspired me to take the step to becoming a Dungeon Master, yo.  From there, it was merely dedication and determination mixed with time to get to my current status, yo.  That’s old news for noobies that haven’t yet stepped into the arena of online digital game play, yo.”

“I used to want to be something different and then I became what I am now and those road diverged and I took the wrong one thinking that it was the right one and ever since there’s been a nawing in the back of my mind that I did the wrong thing.  I am not sure how to redirect course mid-way but that’s where my mind is at these days, and has been for a very long time, yo.”

“When you go astray or feel yourself going someplace that you didn’t want to go or feel off-course from what it is you should be doing, or going, what do you, yo?”

“I ask the digital.robot in the corner to answer my life queries, yo”, he responds as he takes another sip of his tea, “she has never once given me a bad answer, yo.”

“It seems fool-hardy to rely on someone else or something else upon which to course your life, yo.  I understand if you are following Polaris, the North star, or final point in the Big Dipper but, in general, it makes hardly any sense to base your life on something outside of you, yo.  Like a driver staring at a distraction on the side of the road, in reality, you will slow down and become unaware of your surroundings, yo.  That’s dangerous, yo.  Not just for you but also those people around you in their cars with their families and their lives and their careers and their desires and their dreams and their hopes and there, yo.”

“One man with ambition can ruin the entire bushel, yo”, I reply as I turn my head to look out the window at the set of waves rolling in to the surfers waiting in the water, “you can watch a sport but that doesn’t make you any better at playing, yo.”

“Why would I care, yo”, he replies as he takes another bite of the grilled cheese sandwich at the café by the beach on Dorinto, “all that I need is within arms reach, yo.  All that is lacking in my life is already in my life nearby, yo.  The albatross doesn’t go far from land and the spender doesn’t travel away from the ATM, yo.”

“ATM. ATM, yo”, I respond as I shrug, “what are they good for, yo.  With their transaction costs, you might as well burn your money with the pittance that you withdraw from what you start with, yo.  You barely get by with things on the jexpensive and money on the low and then with the additional costs, breaking even is hardly the goal but staying in the positive, yo.”

“It grows on trees, yo”, he responds as he takes another bite, “all that you need grows on trees, yo.”

“What’s that, yo?”

“Lemons”, he responds as he picks up his hot coffee, “that’s where the money is at these days, yo.  It, in the past, was in butternut squash but these days, everyone is pushing towards citrus and moving South, yo.  Land is cheap and water is transportable, yo.  Cost dictates decision, yo.”

“Why do you always talk with food in your mouth, yo”, I reply as I sip my coffee.

“A mouthful of food beats a mouthful of words, yo”, he responds as he takes another sip of his coffee, “you ever try talking while you are walking, yo.  Uni-task, yo.  Either talk or move, yo.  You can hardly do them both at the same time, yo.  Try to walk and chew gum or run and recite Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address and you’ll be 4 scoring all overself when you try to combine to unsimiliar actions, yo.”

“4 scpore and 7 years ago, our forefather thus brought forth the premence that all men are created equal, yo”, he responds as he picks up his grilled cheese sandwich and takes another bite, “your limitations don’t dictate mine, yo.  I can do them both easily, yo.  I ask you then why you can’t do them both just as well, yo. Maybe, you are so pre-occupied on observing the competition that you aren’t thinking of yourself, yo.  A moment spent focused on others is a minute slipped away, yo.  Keep yourself in position, yo.  The enemy will come and push you to get information and the upper-hand, yo.  Learn how to guard against the oppositions strategies, yo.  Develop your own techniques and methods for counter-acting the other team, yo.  Feel free to watch, or look at me all day, but that is why I am winning and you are merely playing catch-up, yo.  Keep your thoughts on you and watch your actions be for your benefit, yo.  The enemy will come to grab your attention, yo.  You need to know that and prepare for that, yo.  The invisble hand will snatch your mind and make it theirs, yo.  The intentions of the opposition are not for your benefit, yo.  The enemy, as you, wants to win and, in competition, that means they intend you to lose, yo.  Unfortanetly, this is the world that we live in where there is competition but knowing the rules means learning how to play, yo.  Learn how to play and then develop yourself, yo.  I can’t say that you’ll win but playing backgammon without knowing how it’s played is fool-hardy, yo.  A blind squirrel may find a nut occasionally but it won’t be enough to keep him fed and his family secure, yo.  Consider the bigger picture of how you need to be in the future and then start at this moment with the thought of what your next step in life is going to be, yo.  Then think about it again until it becomes a burning desire and then forget about it and grab a coffee and let it go ’cause you have no talent and people that are successful start good habits that take them to their success very young so enjoy your coffee and try to find a nice view that relaxes you, yo.  From a relaxes mind, all the answers in the world will fall away and you’ll learn to enjoy yourself, yo.  From enjoying yourself, not pain, you’ll understand how to move forward in a way that no one else will, yo.  Get rid of the enemy, and manage him when he’s around, but take the time to find your enjoyment, yo.  From your enjoyment, you’ll find your answers, yo.”

“I want another grilled cheese sandwich”, I respond as I put my hand up in the air to signal the digital.waiter.robot.

I pause; surfers catch waves, yo.

“You ever gone surfing, Bilta, yo”, I continue speaking as the waiter.robot shuffles over to the table, “the first feel of standing on the board is unrivaled, yo.  The exilaration of catching your first wave is a feeling that will never leave your life, yo.  A moment of success is the corner-stone of what you build your life on, yo.  You can live in the moments of failure or remember the success that you had, yo.  The past, and your view of it, will be the surest sign of your present mentality, yo.  You don’t need to win everyday like a pro but remember that you, at one point, for the first time, caught a wave and conquered the hurdle of never to the first time, yo.  You don’t need to catch every wave to feel good but just keep pushing until the first one, yo.  After that, it’s all down hill forward, yo.  You only swim out to the break and then the water, or ocean, does all the work, yo.  You only need to get in position and push until you achieve once, yo.  You only need to try until you are successful the first time and then it naturally propels you forward; the gravity of the potential between where you are and what’s below you, yo.  Surfing is merely catching the higher ground and keeping it while gravity takes your as far as your ability, and the wave, travel, yo.”

I look back out at the ocean, yo.

“An open sea has tempted many a men towards a life of adventure beyond the shackles of home, yo”, I continue speaking as I turn my head to the watier arriving at the table, “you’ld hardly be the first person to set sail with hopes of something better then what you know where you are and always have been, yo.  Mystery of over there is the driver that’s drawn men away from comfort of the known and pushed them into the unknown.  Invention comes from taking a step into the unknown, all alone, by yourself, and figuring it out, yo.  Success is not guarenteed and the uncertainty of what to do leads to the necessity of progress, yo.  The only one you find in the unknown to solve your challenges is you, yo.  The only person that can answer your crisis in the world, when you are in the unknown by yourself, is you, yo.  I can help you as much as you want while you are here but when you go into the world and draw past the safety of the nest, of home, you will have to face your limitations, yo.  When you come face-to-face with the nothing of the unknown, you will have to deal with it by yourself, yo.  Feel free to stay here as long as you want but you’ll get tired and want to go, yo.  Call me and I may not answer, yo; digital.email.247 and I may not have a connection, yo.  If you go out on your own, into the unknown, then it’s unknown what will happen, yo.  If you travel away from what you have known then there’s no telling what will be the outcome, yo.”

“Do you have a point to any of your stories, yo”, he replies as the digital.robot takes down my order, “you talk and talk as if you mean to escape taking action, yo.  Talking or planning is the surest action to avoid action, yo.  Talking is the easiest way to imaginary success, yo.  You’ll probably fail, from experience, yo.  That’s my 2cents, yo.”

“I just need one thing, yo”, he replies as he sticks his fork into the plate of hot pasta.

“What’s that, yo?”, I respond as I sip my iced coffee, “you know that when it’s hot the cold coffee is the cool option, yo–when like is difficult the simple answer is the best, yo.  When everything is complex, the understanding is the value.  When you have 50 million different scenarios, look for the similarites and not the differences to compare them.  Many apples come in many shapes but an apple is an apple and never an orange, yo.”

“I forgot what I need, yo”, he replies as he takes a bite of his ravioli, “I once knew what I needed but then I forgot and that had made me happy, yo.”

“How is that, yo?”, I respond as I take another sip of my coffee.

“The pleasures that you must have make you miserable, yo.  The joy that you can’t get enough of in time becomes your misery, yo.  What makes you happy, you need to let go of, yo.  What you find exciting, you need to learn to stop, yo.  Like a coffee every morning to feel good, you focus on the pleasure that you start to steer clear of the challenge in life, yo.  A downward spiral starting when you’re young.  A addiction to only wanting what feels good that you avoid what makes you better, yo.  I love when I don’t put in the work at the gym, it shows, yo.”

“You have become flabby”, I respond as I set my coffee on the table, “a muscle not used loses power, yo.  A skill not pushes, learned or developed decreases exponentially, yo.  When you stop push, gravity brings you back down, yo.  You can only go as far as you want, yo.  You are only a slave to what you can’t tolerate, yo.  You are only as good as when you can’t go any further, yo.  I’m not saying to push past pain, or put yourself in danger, but if you don’t put in work on you and instead focus on others, they will do well and leave you in the past, yo.”

“Why do you talk so much”, he replies as he takes another bite of his dinner, “words aren’t actions, yo.”

“I think that it’s good to talk things through with others before going forward, yo.  I want to get a 2nd opinion on my first opinion before taking action, yo.”

“What’s over the hill, yo?”, he replies as he sticks his fork into another ravioli.

“More trees and hills”, I respond as I shrug, “why would I know, yo?”

“Exactly”, he responds as he takes another bite, “you don’t know what’s over the hill until you get there so don’t go over the hill without checking it out or commit to going over there and being committed, yo.”

“It solo stands to reason that you can’t constantly take your unresolved hidden anger out on Chinese Balls, Bilta”, I respond as he nervously spins the pair of balls in his hand and looks at the digital.waiter.robot, “you need to decide if you are getting a ham sandwich, grilled cheese, tuna fish, BLT, Caesar Salad, French Fries, Patty Melt, Bacon-Cheese Triple Board or just a small water, yo.”

“I never drink water”, he replies as he looks back down at the menu in the small café by the beach, “I solo drink water when it’s 100% Vodka ’cause I’m manly and man as fuck, yo.”

“That could be construed differently if you rearranged the SEO words in your previous sentence, yo.  You can either be fuckin’ a dude or Fuckin A++, dude, yo.  Trust me, you don’t want to misspeak your words in the wrong company or give a different story through your vrebal usage of the King’s language wqhen the jester of the courtyard is around, yo.  He has been known to backstab the messenger to advance his career, yo.”

“What does that mean, yo?”

“They look at you in smile and plot behind your back like a pro”, I reply as I sip my coffee, “you are merely a peon or pawn in the game of checkers, yo.  You are the wrong piece in a different game then what you are playing, yo.  You need to really think about things and start to put yourself, no, just in the right position, but make sure that you are in the right game and also that you are the correct figurine or role-player, yo.  Princess Peapog in a Backgammon game does hardly to sway your side to victory and will be sacrificed towards the overall win by your team, yo.  You are hardly a person in a sea of friends, yo.  People want to win which means that they are hoping you lose, yo.”

“I’ll get a tuna fish sandwich with extra pickles”, he responds as he turns his head to the waitress, “and, you can take these Chinese balls back, yo.  They worked well in the moment to help me focus but I don’t think that I need to keep myself busy with hands full of balls to stay successful, yo.  There are many ways to skin a gopher, yo.  There are many ways to arrive at Rome in the morning of the 2nd Tuesday in March to deliver my final message to the king, yo.”

“Are you still playing that dumb ass game in your free time, Bilta”, I respond as I set my taza on the small wooden table, ‘your out of work time becomes your in work time, yo.  Your hobbies beocme your life.  Where you spend your time, and your money, is where you find your success, yo.  Ask the digital.encyclopedia.robot in the corner if you have any questions regarding the world in which we inhabit, yo.  You may be pleasantly surprised, yo.  You may find answers in the silence, yo.  If you ask a question, wait 10 years for the answer to come back to you, yo.  If you want to know something, inquiry but the real, or true, answer will arrive much later then the first response, yo.  The4 truth in your uncertainty that you seek will only be shown muich later after the illusion, or image, is first displayed to you, yo.”

“What does that mean, yo”, he responds as he takes a sip of his coffee, “what are you trying to say, yo?”

“Nothing that won’t be clear in a decade, yo.”

“I put powder on my balls”, Bilta replies as he grabs a small sack from his black bookbag, “it tastes delicious and is scientifically developed to make sure that I have all the essential vitamins, nutrients and proteins that I need, yo.”

“I tried some on my balls yesterday and it was pretty good”, I reply as I shrug, “it’s amazing what these scientists come up with us to take, yo–mandate health but leave my carrots alone, yo.”

“Excuse me”, he replies as he sprinkles the power on his balls, “I don’t think that I heard that correctly, yo–your wife is still on your case about you drinking carrot juice, yo.  I don’t understand what her problem is about that, yo–I know that it’s non-compliant with Dorinto ISO code 439.218 but yet they don’t enforce it here, yo.  You should be fine, yo.”

“When it comes to winning”, I respond as I grab my own sack from my bookbag, “you don’t want to chance it, yo–they don’t sell sacks of carrot juiice ’cause it takes too much water to grow and we are on strict rationing until the next supply deliver transport arrives here, yo.  I wish that I could drink juice all day everyday but it’s hard to grow in this climate with the government regulated eco-system thermostat, yo.  I tried once to make a program to hack the Dept. Of Agriculture database to override the water distribution schedule but there was a knock at the door to my apartment mid-way and I decided just to try another way, yo.”

“How many great plans are met half-way with the cold fist of unexpected”, he shrugs as he starts licking his balls, “I thought that I would be great at sonar audio manipulation technical FTP development interface design but I just couldn’t hack it so that’s when I met you and now you pay all my bills, yo.”

“Yes”, I respond as I bite my balls, “you can’t just show up and show off or you’ll be shown out, yo. You want to take that moment of failure and get some quiet space, when you have a chance, and not do anything, but look at a distant Cumulus cloud in the 2nd digital.Stratosphere like they force us to do every 17 minutes past the 3rd hour of the 12th day of the year to recalibrate your internal equilibrium to common, yo.  It can’t stand to have anomalies in the system with everything so find calibrated to function at 90% capacity to make this planet function per ISO regulation 12.58342-C, you have to take that moment of 0.234984 to stare at the placed cloud to make sure that you remain at optimal condition, yo.  You can’t miss this or you will fall out synchronicity and

“Here’s your coffee”, the digital.waiter.robot exclaims as she places the taza of coffee on the small wooden table on the patio behind the small café by the beach, “I made it just the way that you had it last time that you were here, yo–black, three packets.sugar.digital and 12-teaspoons of 17.23% 2.78%-milk fat non-dairy Lactose boosted cream, yo.  With the current situation in Glaxy Andrpeowerty, they have cut off supplies and we’ve had to recalculate the allowable amount of provisions that each resident is allowed to consume, yo.  I’ll check tomorrow to see if the new information allows an increase in cream or sugar but, as you know, they decide the ratio that can be served at 2:30am QST and I have no hand incontrolling what they decide, yo–I am merely a digital.companion.robot that does as he’s programmed in places that people don’t see in Galaxies that don’t exist and built by people with no hands, yo.”

“How can you build a robot without hands”, I respond as I shrug, “you use your mouth to turn the screwdriver or feet to hit the nail with the hammer, yo?”

“They’re not built by people”, she responds as she wipes up the adjacent table, “they have hands but they are robots, yo–digital.manufacturing.robot protocol is very secret and no one knows the real story about how they function or are developed, yo.  It’s a mystery that no one cares too much about as long as the cream, sugar and coffee get delivered as usual but just wait until there is a shortage and the public out-cry at not having their provisional morning beverage is late by 5 minutes, yo.  Rebellion.  Anarchy.  Slightly offensive words starting with the letter d are thought.  Gasps and suspiros are heard, yo.  But, then the drink is delivered and all order restored to the everything, yo.”

“All you need is coffee”, Bilta replies as he takes a sip, “and there’s not much more to it then that, yo.”

“That makes sense”, I respond as I take a sip from my taza and look out at the water on the beach, “I wanted to take over the world one day but now I just enjoy my morning coffee and that suits me a lot better, yo.  You ever have ambition, yo?”

“I have ambition as a snail to beat a rabbit”, he replies as he takes a bite of his bologna sandwich, “but then I turned on the TV and saw something interesting and I’ve been doing the same ever since, yo.”

“How do you break a habit, yo?”

“How do you not, yo”, I respond as I shrug.

“What do you hope for in your life, Bilta”, I reply as I look at him in his green jump suit with brown polka dots, “do you have any aspirations or wants for the future, yo?”

“I would like to think that one day, they can stop burning my grilled cheese sandwiches every time that I come to this little café that you always take me to, yo.  I am but a simple man with hardly any grandiose delusions and I think this one simple request, or dream for the future, is within reason, yo.  I like to think that it could happen, yo.”

“It could always happen, yo”, I respond as I take a sip from my taza, “maybe, it’s the machine malfunctioning or intentional towards you, yo.  We may never know the real story but regardless, I think that’s a waste of time to have such a small vision of your ideal future, yo.  You could expand your idea into something great and powerful, yo.  Wishing that grilled cheese sandwiches could be cooked perfectly every time is a small desire, yo.  You could think so much more, yo.”

“It would be nice if they also increased the cream content in the milk that they put in my coffee from 2% to 12%, yo.  I have been thinking of that a lot lately, yo.  If 2% cream in coffee is good, then naturally 12% cream in coffee would be way better, yo.”

“It’s an interesting idea, yo”, I respond as I take another sip, “but above 4% cream content in milk and you coagualtion and you’ld literally just be drinking a stick of butter, yo.”

“Butter not wish for so much then, huh, yo”, he responds as he picks up a french fry from his plate, “maybe, stick to mediocore and lunch time greasy food to tide me over while I wait for the good times later, yo.”

“The good times never come, yo”, I respond as I set my coffee back down on the table, “the tomorrow is always just as far away and existing only in your vivid imagination tomorrow as it does today, yo.  Cause & Effect.  If you don’t cause it, then it doesn’t effect you, yo.  If you don’t push a person then they don’t fall, yo.  If you don’t start the work, nothing gets done naturally, yo.  It makes sense that you would wish for things to change but without you putting in any work, actuvation energy, the reaction that transpires to bring about the change will never happen, yo.  You can spend all day staring at a Nubulus, Stratus or Cumulus cloud in the sky and yet nothing will change with it, yo.  You can watch a wicked cricket game but that doesn’t mean you can get better at swinging the bat, yo.”

“Not necessarily, yo”, he replies as he picks up another french fry, “how do better people do it, yo.  Watch someone else that has what you want, success for example, and see how they do it, yo.  You’ll notice that your ways and means to get what you want are probably vastly different in people that have and people that have not, yo.  I’m not swaying your visions through influence but watch how different people act and watch how different people behave, yo.  You’ll notice trends through the people that are successful and like-wise, yo.  People that do well do what and people that don’t do well do what other stuff, yo.  It only makes sense that without knowledge, a person is a blind squirrel in a forrest trying to forage for nuts, yo.  So, since you’re not blind, watch, without speaking, other people to see how successful people do it and you’ll notice yourself being changed, slightly, and, in time, you’ll become what you think about, yo.”

“I would prefer if they stop burning my grilled cheese sandwiches every fucking time I come to this restaurant, yo”, he replies as he sighs, “I don’t think that it’s accidently that it’s just mine that always gets targeted for extra-cooking, yo.’

“If you want to see how it’s done, watch, yo.”