“Well probably push charges against Brock Turner’s judge for alternate action contrary to set norms to push an alternate agenda as well as sub-poena communication records to see what’s going on behind-the-scene.  When it comes to trouble, three is company. When it comes to the good, plan on 5. If you’re looking for a fun time, plan an event for 6 people and see how you can escape without being the final one who pays the bill, yo.”

“Why are you telling me this”, Bilta replies as he reclines in his chair at the café by the beach, “one does not talk without desire to express themselves.  One does not dictate without plans to be the one in control.  One does not manage without expecting goods reciprocated later.  A quid-pro-quo implied without consent, contract or willing ability to decline is always improper.  A push is hardly ways to make a friend and a friend is never a means to get a free lunch, yo.”

“The quickest way to lose a friend is to ask them to buy you a coffee”, I continue speaking as I look out the window at the line of surfers waiting for the next set to roll in, “pushing another out of the way for you to catch your swell is the surest way to plan your future for passive revenge.  Demanding to be number one is the best means to get it but also a whole litergy of congruent issues also placed on your plate.  Ordering a hamburger with spite is also a means to get your french fries tossed on the ground in front of you. Demanding another beer past intoxication is also a means to get your keys taken and a taxi called to take you home. In that case, home being the local prison to sober up before facing your charges on an empty stomach, pain in the head and glazed eyes.  Wanting one beer past the limit is the best means to push the limit of others and receive the most extreme sentence permitted at the upper-most limit. Pushing others past their limit is the best way to also receive yourself limiting.  When you can not live with-in your limits, you’ll get help.  When depression means 27 phone calls at 2am, you’ll be called to answer for your actions and avoidance of facing your own problems.  When your depression and lack of personal attention at handling your problems as an adult is seen, you will also be seen in the appropriate manner.

I take another sip of coffee.

“One does not drink water in polite company or demand coffee past the afternoon; friendly conversation in the evening never happens with a hot cup of coffee but a couple shots of whiskey, a loud jukebox and a secret pack of cigarettes to plan your next move on your global conquest, yo.”