“You are very stupid and several other words with 4-letters that start with the letter d and end with ead”, I continue speaking to Bilta as I recline in my chair at the cafe by the beach and take a sip from my taza,”you life will only expand at the pace that you challenge the fears that hold you in place, yo.  It is fear that leads you through inaction, or avoidance, yo.”

“I want a grilled cheese sandwich, yo.”

“They’re only serving knuckle sandwiches today”, I respond as I turn my head to look at the surfers in the water waiting for the next set of waves to crash by the break, “one does not wait for success but opportunity, yo.”

“I’m not sayin’ that you look fake with your yellow bow tie and green top hat but I hardly think that a Wednesday is time for improvisational living when you have responsibilities to do and several 4-letter words to live, yo”, I continue speaking to Bilta as I sip my coffee in the small café by the beach, “live in the now and not your imagination but with your feet firmly planted on the ground and your head wrapped up in the mystery of existence around you, yo.  If you stop for a moment and look at something besides the person in front of you then you will realize that your gaze is fixated on a single point in an unending sea of complexity, yo.  Beyond the moment that you are attached to is a life, forwards and backwards, that you are missing, yo.  Learn to take in everything without clinging to one object, thing or idea.  Stop stealing your focus with single-point concentration and wrap yourself up in the 360-circle around you that beats like a pulse, yo.”

“I bought my top hat from the Thrifty Nickle, yo.”

“I bought my coffee from the barista, yo”, I reply as I shrug and set the taza on the table, “you are nothing outside of you, yo.  Your life is merely what you see, smell, feel and touch, yo.  Your time is lost in wonder when you cease peering down the barrel of fear and hatred and instead step back to experience what is around you, yo.  If you look at one thing too much, your vision becomes blurry to all that is not your object of attention, yo.  What you focus on thrives and all else falls apart, yo.  The flower that you water grows while all the other ones die, yo.  Be a nurturer and not a destroyer, yo.  Be a grower and not a taker, yo.  Moment by moment, you can observe twice before you act and you can think three times before you trip over yourself, yo.”

“What does that mean, yo.”

“Beyond what you want to happen is a whole world of mystery of what is going on, happening and acting around you, yo.  See the whole field before you decide exactly what has to happen in order for you to be happy, content and at peace, yo.  See the big picture by being the observer rather then the conquerer, yo.  Many a velociraptor has run blindly into a wall when a simple moment of pause would reveal that the door to pass through was solo a couple feet to the right and unlocked, yo.  You can run very fast in the wrong direction or take your time and do it right and get through to the other side very easily, yo.  It’s up to you if you want to keep pushing your superficial veneer or want to get deeper into the flow of life, yo.  Like a snakecharmer tellin’ a cobra to sleep, solo make eye contact and keep it, yo.  Make a connection with where you are and don’t let it go, yo.  When you live life, you are living and when you grasp life you atrophy and grow tired, yo.  If you want to push a boulder easier then push it down hill and if you want to start a fire, see where the gasoline is before catching yourself ablaze, yo.  It’s easy to use all your energy in the futile failure of stopping a hurricane or find shelter, safety and a place to ride out the mess before you attempt to control it, yo.  The fake and shallow are easy but beneath them is a whole world to discover, yo.  Under the surface of what you see is the mystery and the experience of knowing how to act next, yo.  Beyond what is shown is the true, and normally hidden story, yo.  Behind the smile is the tear and behind the laugh is the sigh of frustration at another day in vain of hope extinguished in despair, yo.”

“I like my hat, yo.”

“Your green top hat will get you the girls but your quiet strength of self-control will get you a woman, yo.  Aim for the second and you’ll always find success in life, yo.”

“Do you think that my plaid overalls are too much, yo.”

“When it comes to excess, yo”, I reply as I pick up my coffee and take another sip, “throw caution to the wind and see where it lands, yo.”

“I promise that I’ll pay the tab for our coffee next time, yo.”

“Your empty benefit to cover our drinks when we come here next is always not this time but the one solo ahead, yo.  Instead of helping today, you’ve decided that tomorrow you will change.  Instead of taking the bull by the horns at this moment, you’re going to do it when today never exists, yo.  Like offering to pay next time, the next time will always be one ahead and not at this time, yo.  Instead of helping now, you’re going to help not now, yo.  Tomorrow will always be tomorrow and today, you will never pay, yo.”

“Trust me that the next time we grab drinks, I’ll pay, yo.”

“You’ve been saying next time since we started and next time is always tomorrow or ahead in the future, yo.  Like writing a check that you haven’t endorsed yet or making a promisary offer in the future, you’re cashing in the benefits without the payment, yo.  You are getting the benefits from the words and not the actions, yo.  You are standing on the intangible, yo.”

“I solo stand on solid footing, yo.”

“Have you ever surfed, yo”, I respond as I look around at the crowded café at the beach, “you really need to have both your feet firmly on the board, yo. Shaky footing will hardly hold you up for very long, yo.”

You Don’t Think That Your Problems Are Caused By You, Yo: if you spill coffee on your shirt then who did it or cause-and-effect and the chain-reaction of you, yo. #CHAIN

“If you push your taza on the table and it spills, yo”, I continue speaking as I glance around at the empty café at the beach, “then who should clean it up with the napkin, yo.”

“The barista making change on the dollar per hour, yo”, he replies as he shrugs, “in a business, it is the workers responsibility to take care of things, yo.”

“That’s true but outside the scope of what is deemed a work task, yo”, I continue speaking as I take a sip of coffee, “if you make a mess then they will clean it up but, ask yourself, is the additional work that you are dumping, and forcing on another, a result of their actions or your irresponsable behavior, yo.”

“Accidents happen, yo.”

“Good things do too, yo”, I reply as I turn my head to look out the window at the 22 surfers in the water waiting their turn.

I sip my coffee, yo.

“If everyone did what you do then the amount of work created would overwhelm everyone, yo”, I shrug, “why don’t you consider that you are in charge on you and need to decide what you are going to do, yo.  Will you push your problems on others and, at the end of the day, it’s going to be the difference if you are liked or despised, yo.  No one likes the person that causes headaches for others, yo.  

Don’t help others but why don’t you solo cover your weight or pull your share, yo.”

“No one does, yo”, I respond as I roll my eyes, “instead, why don’t you solo limit your damage to what you don’t cause and keep your life, area and everything around you in order instead of haphazard, disshelved and messy, yo.  Keep you in order and let others decide which direction that they will go in their lives, yo.”