“I wish there was a way that I could explain myself more clearly”, he replies as he sips his coffee, “one does not say anythin’ without meaning, yo.”

“I hardly mean anything that I say”, I respond as I reply, shrug and take a sip of my taza, “I mean what I say and say what I mean, rarely, yo.”


“When you close the door on the past”, I continue speaking as I sip my coffee at the cafe by the beach, “deadbolt it, yo.  Make sure that no one can enter, yo.”

“That makes sense”, Bilta replies as he turns his head back to me, “one does not want others to enter their sacred, or personal, space, yo.”

“Words enter your atmosphere like daggers aimed towards your enemy, yo.  Instead of tossing bullets at others, reserve them for when they are needed, yo.  A word in haste is wasted and a word put out can not be returned.  Instead, save your ammo for the battle and your Friends are hardly the targets that you want to aim at when you are in confrontation, yo.  Consider who is your enemy.  That is always internal.  The Power To Pause in the face of Anger, yo.”

“I hardly lose a fight”, he replies as he sips his water, “instead, I just simply fight everyone and in the war of attrition in which the victor is the last one on the field, I succeed by being the last to battle, yo.”

“From the get-go”, I reply as I sigh and take a sip from my taza of hot coffee, 3 creamers and two tablespoons of half-and-half, there is no battle but in your mind, yo.  The fear or hatred of others stems for insecurity in yourself.  Raise your confidence or acceptance with where you are and you will Find that there is no one to battle.  Instead it is a journey forward solo, or alone, and along the trail, or path of life, you meet people and then let them go, yo.”

“I never let people go”, he responds as he looks out the window, “I try to keep putting more and more people into my life so it makes me feel full, yo.”

“Stacking your life of people is a certain strategy to avoid the real connections with people, yo.  When one is adding people like a baseball card collector, the value of each decreases, yo.  Instead, look around at the ones in your life, cherish, value and appreciate them.  The trick to riches is to take low value and invest, yo.  Instead of trying to acquire above your status, try to start with what you have and the people in your life and invest in them to build the value around you.  Through this, you will increase in value.  You’ll never get a diamond when you are a coal, but instead work on making those better around you by investing with pleasantness and you’ll see that your status improves, yo.  One does not go for the top from the start unless there is also a gambling or alcoholism issue at play, as well, yo.”

“I’m perfect and several four-letter words”, he replies as he turns his head back to me and signals for the waiter to come over, “to show you, how much I am great, I’m going to pay the bill today.”

“Settling your tab is not done once but at the end of the day, everyday, yo.”

“When one person is happy, they talk to others about how happy they are, yo.  This turns into 7 new customers, yo.  Making 1 happy makes 7 more come around, yo.  When 1 person is satisfied that is 7 new customers, yo.  Like-wise, when one person is upset that is 7 lost potentials, yo.  You need to consider that a business is built of 1-interaction at a time and each opportunity reaches 7 more people then you see.  In bizness, 1 person equals 7, yo.  That’s the rule of starting a good business, yo.”

“If you want to make me happy, you can buy me a coffee, yo.  I reward those that caffinate me.”

“Risk/reward tilted towards bribes returns untimely as negativity, yo.  It’s not the foundation upon which to build your business that will power your life.  You want to consider what is the right thing to do as well as what you want to do, yo.”

“I made it very clear that another coffee would persuade me to your side, yo.”

“Maybe, you’re not the one that I want target, yo.  I have my own plan to go after a specific set of people, yo.  You are not one of them.”

“I could be, yo.  I could be the one that you want.”

“I could also”, I sip my coffee and turn my head to look out the window at the 12 surfers in the water waiting for their turn to attempt to catch a wave, “do a lot of other things, yo.”

I sip my coffee and set it down on the small wooden table at the cafe by the beach, yo.

“There are many options in life to move forward but pleasing 1 will lead to 7 being turned, yo.”

Notes of what works & forgettin’ what doesn’t, yo.

  1. There’s some nice cheap burritos for about 2 bucks a piece and about 5 fill you up, yo.
  2. Quart of ice cold whole milk with Folgers instant coffee and natural sugar mixed in a tall glass and shaken to dissolve, yo.
  3. A 50deg. sleeping bag to cover you in the cold nights and give you a pillow where you lay your head, yo.
  4. Cheap motel for months at a time offer cold AC and solitude, yo.
  5. Night walks are not encouraged, yo.  Wild dogs roam the lands, yo.

I sit my notepad on the small wooden table and pick up my taza, yo.

“Notes remind us tomorrow of what we forget today”, I respond to Bilta as I take a sip of coffee, “one does not write to explain or convince but to send a message in time later to a recipient that is far away and not able to respond but consider, think and pause in reflection at the words chosen in the order that they are laid-out, yo.”

“Why are you talking to me”, he replies as he turns his head back to me, “I hardly listen to you and less when you are talking, yo.”

“What”, I respond as I take my headphones off, “I was talking into my small voice recorder, yo.  Not sure why you think that every thing I say has something, or anything, to do with you, yo.  It is confusing your insecurity that pushes you to watch, listen and consider everything that I do and nothing that you do, yo.  Like driving a car, look ahead and keep your eyes on the white and yellow lines, yo.  Don’t stare at the passenger, or rubber-neck at the scenery, yo.  Keep focused on forward and your path upcoming of travel, you move in the direction that you see, yo.”

“I see you talking a lot but going nowhere”, he replies as he turns his head to look out the window at the surfers in the water waiting for the next set of swells to roll in, “one does not wait for the perfect wave but the next one to consider if it’s right, yo.  Life is not a pursuit of perfection but a decision at the action in the moment, yo.”

“You talk took much”, I respond as I take another sip from my taza and set it back down on the table, “you can’t live your life reading books that allow you escape from your reality like running a race in your head without putting a foot on the asphalt, yo.”

“Mental game is more important then the event”, he replies as he shrugs and takes a sip of his water.

“Only losers that live on their parents couch toss words so haphazardly that they have no consequences, yo.  You can’t buy dinner and not pay the bill, yo.  You can’t live on credit or charge without the waiter coming over later to demand you cover your tab, yo.  You can’t live on promises with insufficient funds.  You need to check your resources before you decide which action is best to take in the moment, yo.  You need to consider your possibilities before you act on your impulse, yo.  You have no restraint, yo.”

“Where you should be is where you decide you should go”, I continue speaking as I recline in the chair at the beach in the cafe and turn my head to look out the window, “surfer’s ride the waves of the perpetual pull of the gravity of the moon, yo.”

“The tide’s rise & fall”, Bilta replies as he sips his coffee, “best to keep an eye on the tide chart to see when the strait through basin is open for crossing, yo.  Many a men has tried to get to the other side at high tide without a boat and been lost at sea, yo.  You sir are not anyone that matters to much in the eyes of nature, yo.  You don’t matter.  You have no value, yo.”

“I am important to myself”, I respond as I shrug, “the only one that puts a price on you is yourself, yo.  You decide the pricetag that you charge for yourself, yo.  Go cheap.  Go expensive.  The market decides if you are correct in your self-valuation.”

“I think that I’m worth a ton of money”, he replies as he turns his head to look out the window, “life has been hard but I’ve been harder, yo.”

I sip my coffee.  Prefer, if he worded that a different way, yo.


“Continue”, I reply as I take a sip from my taza, “you mentioned that you were harder then life, yo.  It’s an interesting idea to consider beyond the knee-jerk response of the superficial immaturity and instead to look at it deeper, yo.  Life is a challenge, life is a competition with no rules but laws and governing, yo.”

“I make my own rules, yo”, Bilta responds as he turns his head back to me, “I’m a trendsetting rebel renegade with a headful of going my own way, yo.”

“Your own way will be to go off a cliff”, I respond as I take another sip of coffee, “you’ll enter the forest of life and be alone with no one when you realize that night falls fast amongst the trees, yo.  You need to come out of the outside before darkness descends, yo.  In the moonlight, no one can see.  For some, that’s an advantage but for you that will be your Achilles Heel, yo.  Your point of weakness is what the enemy will target 100%, yo.”

“Agamemnon hardly dissuades Orion to push Artemis aside when one’s true values are shown, yo.”