“You constantly ask me to pay for the tab”, I continue speaking as I take a sip of my taza of coffee and set it down on the small wooden table at the cafe by the beach, “what if one day, you decided that the battle for me paying for your lunch was not worth it, yo.  What if one day, you decided that the war of attrition between us needed to come to an end.  If both sides continue to battle, evenutally there will be nothing left but ruin for all, yo.”

“I enjoy it, yo”, he replies as he shrugs and looks out the window, “the conflict between us is what gets me out of bed and to this restaurant everyday.  It’s the pull of the fight that excites me.  It’s the opportunity to exchanges quick banter against you that causes me to constantly invite you here, yo.”

“There in lies the problem”, I reply as I turn my head to the wait to signal for the check, “what makes you happy and glad is not the same as me.  I understand your contrarian nature that cause you to seek drama to fill your day / as for me, I enjoy a quiet hot coffee and view, yo.  When one does not need to quarrel to find joy, a simple moment of tranquility provides all the comfort needed, yo.”

The digital.waiter rolls over on the pneumatic wheels and drops the small slip of paper on our table.

I take out my digital.chip.debit and place the small piece of plastic in the tray.

The female robot picks it up and scuttles away.

“She doesn’t cause problems”, I continue speaking as I turn my head to look out the window at the surfers in the water waiting for the set of waves to roll in.

I pick up my taza and take another sip.

“When one stops pushing, the universe comes, yo.”

“Bilta”, I continue speaking as I sip the taza, “one does not demand their wants be met and then forget their desires, yo. An outstretched hand is never retracted until filled, yo.”

“If you just buy me one coffee, this would not be an issue”, he replies.

“Telling me what to do is the surest means to avoid your own problems / you and my problems is the same as your are my enemy / make the enemy you, yo.  The only work that you should embark on is internal / the only one that you train is yourself / the only master that you should have is yourself / a man master’s himself and then stops / the irony is that it is a task without end, yo.”

“One needs to consider the real situation before proposing a solution, yo”, I respond as I shrug, “if you offer a suggestion without basis of knowledge, what’s the value / point, yo.  First, you want to, on an individual level, observe / understand what is really happening, yo. Develop a keen sense of intuition to see beyond what is shown at the underlying scheme / plan / intent, yo.”

“That’s an absurd strategy to see what’s going on before taking action, yo”, he responds as he takes a sip of his water.

“Without vision or deeper-vision, you can’t see anything, yo.  When you look at one thing through a tunnel vision everything else gets blurred.  You need to stop focusing on one point but learn to look behind you.  You can look forward and see backwards.  Not just using reflections but also the eyes of people walking by you and the faces of strangers glancing at places where you can’t see.  When you stop looking at one point and take in everything / you can see behind yourself just as well as you can see forward.  Your sight should be 360deg. around you instead of the narrow 15deg scope of a person staring at an object in concentration.  Letting yourself relax into the surrounding situation let’s you stop fixating and instead observing, yo.”

“I see myself getting you to pay the tab on the next coffee, yo.”

“Like, I said”, I respond as I set the taza down at the cafe by the beach, “I can see behind me that there is a new recliner waiting for you, yo.  When a person stops being in front, they can always find a comfortable chair behind, yo.”