Defund The Police, Yo: drop 15% of police force, increase pay 10% …keeping the positive relationships you built in work, yo #RNGD

“Why would you increase pay to the police force”, Bilta replies as he leans back and takes a sip of water from his styrofoam cup in the small cafe by the beach, “they make too much already, yo.”

“You can make too many cupcakes but you can never get a high enough salary to protect your family and build a positive future in the community. 

You want all members of the community in a position to positive contribute towards the betterment. 

When one person struggles, they bring down seven others.  Numbers, numbers, numbers, yo.  If you can increase the standard-of-living for one working adult, the lives of five other people will improve. 

Indeed, the only way

to increase the wealth of the community is through small, targeted raises in disposable income over housing, medical and daily expenses. 

When one working adult begins to prosper, all around him see an increase in their living. 

When an adult improves, their family, surrounding neighbors and region see growth.  The best investment in the community is to locate and improve small portions of the population that work to build stronger communities, local businesses and churches through their purchases and generosity, yo.”