“One does not take a shit without an alternate plan”, I continue as I take a sip of coffee from my taza and set it on the table, “at one point in my life, I wanted to be succesful, yo.”

“There’s still time, yo.”

“Grasping the last embers of dying hope burns your hands less then watching the fire slowly burn down”, I reply as I roll my eyes, “we wish we could keep the good forever but one does not pick a flower from a field without tearing out it’s roots, yo.  Capturing beauty is best left with the eyes and not hands, yo.”

“I just bought a mountain bike”, he replies as he takes a swig of water from his styrofoam cup and turns to look at the surfers in the water waiting for the next set of waves to roll in, “I also bought the tightest pair of spandex pants that one could ever imagine, yo.”

“One does not imagine spandex pants without an alternate plan”, I continue as I pick up my taza and take a sip, “hot water is more comfortable but needs predicate action, yo.”

“What does that mean”, He replies as he signals for the waiter to come over.

“When desire meets resourceso and action is precise failure is almost always a certainty, yo.”

“When one leads with fear, the results always crumble, yo.”

“That makes no sense”, Bilta replies as he turns his head to me and signals for the waiter, “I’ll have another coffee because I’m worth it and you’re paying, yo.”

“Paying attention to your action”, I respond as I turn my head to look back out the window at the small cafe by the beach, “we should go some place new.  Look for a slice of adventure; look for a way to change the mundane and boring into excitement and thrill; turn what you are forced to do into something that you want to do.  When the constraints of others are lifted, we breath fresh air, yo.

“Your failures are the only thing that make them feel good”, I continue speaking as I recline in the seat by the window in the cafe by the beach, “your enemy is your biggest cheerleader for wrong behavior.  Pushing you to make bad choices and take risky moves, they’ll get you off your course and into an area where your loss is inevitable, yo.”

“I don’t think that I have any one not cheering for me, yo.”

“Listening to the crowd is the surest sign that you are living outside the confines of the group.  When you see the trees, you are not in the forrest, yo.”

“I like to be in the middle of everything”, he replies as he turns his head to me.

“No doubt that at the center of your universe, you lie.  No certainty that beyond your sense of self lives nothing but comparison.  If you can not see others, your eyes remain fixated on yourself.  You can’t see anyone else beyond your nose, yo.”

“There’s security in the group, yo.”

“That would make sense.  There is also power in being in charge of yourself, your life and confident on your direction moving forward, yo.  If you constantly need to ask others how to proceed, you will always be below them, yo.”

“Prefer that someone else lead the charge, yo.”

“As each goes, they go”, I continue speaking, “lead, follow or get out of the way.  One does not desire a change in view without movement of his feet.  The high ground is only taken through effort, yo.”

“The way that I see things here is fine, yo.”

“Ultimately”, I reply as I turn my head to look out the window at the surfers waiting for the set of waves to roll in, “your life will be the results of your action or inaction, yo.”

“Cold buns and beer”, Bilta continues as he sips his water and looks out the window at the waves coming in as the surfers wait their turn, “make the best time, yo.”

“I have no clue what you are talking about on any level, yo.”

“Cold beer and buns”, he continues as he turns his head to me, “I thought that it would be a disaster but looking back in retrospect, in hindsight, it turns out that adversity shared makes lasting connections, yo.”

“Why are you telling me this”, Bilta replies as he leans back in his recliner at the cafe by the beach, “I hardly see an issue with the way that things are currently headed, yo”

“It hardly goes that one does not start an attachment without forming a relationship; there is absolutely no way that you could ever start with a kiss and not end with a happy ending.  When a hug begins, a friend is made, yo, That’s the problem– you are coming around too much, yo. You need to keep your distance– I, personally, am happy, that you are having such an intimate moment with your phone.  Whie you stare at ehe screen, I am able to make me subtle escape to the bathroom to use the shitter in ease and quiet until I return to continue out conversation over teh mundane, boring and trife.”

“What does that word mean, ‘trife’?, yo”

“Does make you wonder”, I continue as I keep speaking, “how could you live on this Planet for so long without picking up the word ‘trife’– the local dialect, idiosyncracies and linguistic prowess of the inhabitants seems to have bypassed your ears.  We understand that you have your own agenda but I hardly think that the loss of the word ‘trife’ in your vocabulary constitues a breach in ethics, morals and standards.  You act like the word is below you, perhaps, it is really a test ot see if you can integrate and assimilate into the fabric of the culture, society and world upon which you inhabitate, yo.  The word trife is a local colloquialism that he’s you to differentiate between the ones born here and simple traveling to explore the beach, mountains and inexpensive shopping options in the upscale regions with low prices, good quality and other redundancy that ensures your desire of product is always met, yo.  Makes sense only to distinguish between people by the use of words– ultimately, the words that you choose– the 300, make up your life, your history and from-there, your, future, yo, “