“How many fingers do you have pointing at me, Bilta?”, I ask as I yawn at the café by the beach with a cold frappe in my hand.

“None”, he replies as he shrugs, “I’m just trying to enjoy a pleasant afternoon with a good friend and a conversation, yo.”

“Me too, yo”, I continue speaking as I sip my coffee from my green taza, “you know, yo, some people love you and some people hate you, yo; but, few people like and care about you.  I have fans and critics–but, few in between.”

“I could stick my middle finger at you’, he responds as he turns his head to me, “if that would make you feel better, then I could be your worst enemy, yo.”

“Oh!”, I respond as I laugh, “I’m good in that department–everytime, I look in the mirror when I am in the bathroom wawshing my hands I am reminded of the bad decisions that I’ve made in the past and the opportunity that I have in the future; it’s both the past that holds me back and the potential of tomorrow that pushes me forward, yo.”

I pause; I look out the window at the 13 surfers in the water waiting to catch the next set of waves.

I turn my head back to Bilta; he only shows up ’cause I pay for the coffee and stale biscottis.

“Furthermor”, I continue speaking as I sigh, “you just showed up today–I have a meeting with a client in 15 minutes and you need to make yourself scarce.  Why, yo, don’t

I think Monce is running the Republicans for Trump fan squad in Mexico but we’ll discuss that later, yo. #LOSER

Why, yo, don’t you make yourself scarce and sit in that chair over there by the window and sip your coffee and look out the window and you can see how I run this meeting, yo.  If there are any problems–feel free to jump in and use your sweet Jeet Kun Do karate skills to defuse the situation, yo.  You are both a valuable writer and a small lethal killing machine… and very whiny and annoying but that’s how things go, yo.”

He turns his head to look out the window and then back to me.

“I’m going to just go over to that other table and wait until your done with your business and then, maybe, we can go down to the beach and watch the sunset?”

“Don’t be a loser, Bilta, they telecast that 24/7 on Channel 8 on the digital.streams”, I respond as I shrug, “just watch it on TV in the comfort of your house on your couch.”

I pause; that sounds relaxing.

“Oh yeah”, I continue, “with a bag of digital.papitas, yo.  Those are f’n delicious, yo.”

I take another sip from my taza and set it on the digital.table in front of me in the digital.simulation.

“She’s here now for the meeting”, I continue speaking as Bilta gets up from the table, “watch me to see how it’s done.”

20 Songs for you Headphones

El Farsante Ozuna

Siguelo Bailando

No Hay Nadie Como Tu Calle 13

Café Tacuba Maria

Swollen Members Camoflauge

Chevelle Bring the Pain Below

Link Park Points Of Authority

Chemical Brothers Block Rockin’ Beats

Aleman Un Minutito

Mon Laferte Tu Falta De Querer

Flowers Chinese Band

Dixie Chicks Wide Open Spaces

Tool 46 & 2

Garbage Queer

Nirvana Scoff

Bilie Eilish Bury A Friend

RATM Township Rebellion

Lil Jon Turn Down For What

Chamillion Ridin Dirty

Ariana Grande Everyday

Garbage #1 Crush

Garbage I Think I’m Paranoid

Track 12 Linkin Park Hybrid Theory

Garbage Milk

I open the digital.News.Paper.

I small piece of paper falls out and onto the floor.

I pick it up and look at it.

What’s Your Horoscope, yo?


October 7

#ENERO: son un poco exigentes, pero es por que necesitan amor verdadero, son muy tiernos y enojones que enamoran a muchas personas, yo, no se hacen rogar, suelen rogar cuando se enamoran muchísimo y son fieles.

#FEBRERO: se enamoran rápido, pero siempre valen la pena, besan apasionadamente y son fieles pero si no están enamorados, es dudoso… si los dejan sufren pero no les dura mucho dolor.

#MARZO: respetan mucho, tienen dignidad, son fieles y besan con mucho amor y dan todo por su pareja, a veces se retoman muy, yo, fácilmente, son lentos cuando van a empezar la relación, por que no les gusta estar con cualquiera.

#ABRIL: son buenas personas, un poco infieles pero eso depende de lo enamorado que estén, si se enamoran demasiado son lo más fieles que hay, sus besos son calientes y apasionados, les encantan que los abracen y les den mucho cariño.

#MAYO: son un poco fríos y sin sentimientos, suelen ser chamulleros, pero si les demuestras amor son los más tiernos del mundo, conocer el lado tierno de una persona fría es lo mejor que hay, ellos besan tiernamente, si no los haces feliz, ellos van hacer infieles.

#JUNIO: ellos odian mucho cuando los dejan llorando y son de jugarsela, si quieren a alguien van hacer todo por esa persona, hasta el cansancio, necesitan ser algo orgullozos para atraer al otro, si no, no restará, son los mejores besadores.

#JULIO: si se enamoran se quedan con una sola persona, siempre, no hay que fallarles, yo, nunca, por que no vuelven muy fácil, es difícil, besan con mucho amor y ternura, de hacen querer demasiado y son fieles.

#AGOSTO: son colgados y un poco difíciles con sus parejas, pero sienten mucho amor y dolor si los dejan, les encanta salir a lugares con su amor y son recelosos, tienen carácter y son fieles pero si aparece alguien mejor, hay que dudar.

#SEPTIEMBRE: son inteligentes, saben saben como dominar y hacen respetar, se enamoran y les perdura demasiado tiempo eso es amor, son independientes, son fieles y besan dulcemente.

#OCTUBRE: son super lindos y enamoran con su sonrisa, no suelen ser fieles, depende de la persona, le gustan los besos largos y tiernos, se arreglan mucho cuando se enamoran y saben dominar.

#NOVIEMBRE: ellos son uno de los más celosos, es difícil comprenderlos cuando están enojados y celosos, son misteriosos, sexys y saben besar muy bien, se enamoran y aman de verdad, te hacen reír y sentir bien, son un poquito orgullosos pero solo lo hacen para que les des cariño, son fieles y cariñosos.

#DICIEMBRE: dulces, son recelosos les encanta la joda y suelen fijarse un poco más en el físico pero la personalidad les vale, aman que los besen y les den cariño, les gusta la gente simpática, besan con locura y desesperación, aman que su pareja sea simpática, yo, e independiente.

“You avoided my question Bilta”, I reply as I lift up my black sunglasses at the beach and pull out my digital.surf.wax.

“Questions that don’t advance my perogative”, he replies as he shrugs, “I don’t reply to, yo. Come at my directly, yo–you’ll get the answer that you are looking for, but, if you want to keep two-stepping around the issue; this will be a war of attrition that I will tire you out of winning, yo.”

“I can go all night”, I respond as I turn my head to the beach.

“Not”, he quickly interjects, “after, you have had 5 cups of coffee, yo. I’ll keep filling you with cups until you have to run to the bathroom and I’ll be champion, yo.”

“You aren’t #1, yo”, I respond as I start to slowly run the wax on the 7′-6″ tri-tipped shortboard, yo.  But, stick around and maybe we can find a solid & long-term #2 position for you that is a good fit. You can’t push, hassle or demand your position–but, maybe, you can stick around long enough that at some point, you will be given an opportunity, yo.  Don’t win, yo; stick around. Don’t lay down your cards out of turn, yo; or you’ll be giving your opponent an advantage–do you want to win, yo?”

“I don’t want to play, yo”, he replies as he sips his coffee from his digital.styrofoam cup, “I’ve been thinking of the aparetment at the beach that we just got.  She wants to put up translucent curtains in the living room.”

“That sounds sweet, yo”, I respond as I slowly shake my head.

“Not when you have to pay the bill–when you don’t have a steak in the outcome; you can wanton do what you want, yo.”

“I love carne, yo.”

“Whatever loser”, I respond as I shake my head, “at the end of the party, who pays for it, yo; at the start of the party, did you ask them if you could have the party?”

“I want to go home.”

“You’re weak, yo”, I reply as I punch him in the cock, “man up or ship out, yo.”

He crumbles on to the sand; wasn’t expecting that one.

“Furthermore”, I continue speaking as I continue rubbing the digital.surf.wax on my short board, “you need to consider other things–who pays for your luxury. Not just in responsibility but in DollaDollas–doing what you want and sending a bill is a form of robbery; it’s a crime, yo.”

I sip my coffee.

“There’s laws; and bills; and you can do whatever you want–as can others, yo.  You can have the biggest party–but, at some point, or at one time, or clearly eventually, you’ll just be there by yourself and you’ll have to leave and there will be a bill on the table and you will run for as long as you can, yo.”

He slowly gets up off the sand.

“And the person that handed you the bill”, I continue speaking, “will hand another person a bill; and another; until everyone has paid their responsibility.  They will be mad at you–they will look and try to find you, yo. Don’t be stupid, yo; mad people cool with time, yo, but don’t forget.”

“Beyond what we think, we know”, I continue speaking as I recline in the chair and set down my yellow taza on the small wooden table in front of me at the cafe by the beach, “you want to think of your future, yo.”

I look out the window; there’s 16 blue hummingbirds, yo, on the small branch of the pomegrante tree, yo.

“…”, I continue speaking as I set the purple taza on the small wooden table in the corner in the living room, “you want to really, yo, consider speeding up your delivery rate for rapid-protocol hot ice cream, yo”

“What’s hot ice cream, yo”, Bilta replies as he reclines in the chair and set his small bag of digital.papitas on the coffee table, “…why do you make it so difficult to explain yourself?”

“It’s basic middle-school level education at it’s finest”, I continue speaking as I pick up my taza, “you need to take ice cream and heat it up & then super-chill it, yo. The molecular change creates a particulaized conglomoration that tastes great when chillin’ at the beach here on Dorinto.”

I look out the window at the sun rising; he doesn’t understand my need for 37.3minutes of sleep every 6hours to maintain my manly complexion, yo.

“Anyways”, I explain as I sigh, ‘you need to look at not what you want to sell; what are people buying. Push a product that is not in demand is wastd energy, yo; instead, experiment until you find what people actually buy.”

I roll my eyes; yout can’t create energy from nothing–the entropy of a closed system always increases and enthalpy in a

“Boss”, he replies as he grabs a handful of potatoe chips, “what day, yo, do we get paid?”

“The first 3rd Wednesday of every 2nd month, Bilta”, I reply as I take a sip of coffee, “no, I’m just kidding, yo. I have decided that you don’t get paid–now, you are on an unpaid internship because you need more experience to work for me, yo.

“I have bills to pay, dude!”

“I have product to sell”, I remark as I shrug, “one hand washes the other–but both are needed for picking up the next batch of books from the digital.mailbox.

“I”, I continue speaking, “need, yo, to grab those books & we will work out a comission that I can pay you–only pay when you sell.”

I grab another biscotti off the plate in front of me; these seem to have gone stale.

I pause.

“So”, I continue speaking, “if you can find an ingenious way to sell books for me then I can pay you a commision of 40%. That is not the highest but it’s also not awful; it’ll pay your rent on your apartment in the beach and put dinner on your table every 3rd day and 5 days out of the week, yo.”

“I would like to work 3 hours per week, yo.”

“You can work 0 if you please, yo”, I replay abruptly, “it’s up to you how much you want to work–the more you work then you more you get paid. If you are clever you can work 24 hours a day and spend 0 effort or time on it.”

“How, yo?”, he replies as he grabs another handful of food.

“Brochures”, I reply as I rub my chin, “you pay someone to go door-to-door and drop off information on our business–then they can digital.particle-create our product in the conveinence of their home on-demand.”

I pause; sip my coffee, yo.

“You want them”, I continue speaking as I set the purple ceramic taza back on the table, “to have the pleasure of purchasing on their time and not just when you want to sell, yo. Traditional Brick-and-Mortar stores have limited hours; we, yo, want them to have the option, or luxury, to purchase what we sell & have it to them when they want it, yo.”

I rub my chin again; that was clever and I wish that I had a pen to write that down, yo.

Anyways, yo

“So”, I continue speaking as I sigh again and look out the window, “the customer controls your business, yo.”; there’s 5 hummingbirds out there on the branch under the Maple tree, yo.

“You like hotdogs, Bilta, yo?”


“OMG don’t be so enthusiastic”, I reply as I lean back, “it’s food & not a lifestyle, yo. But, anyways, I got a 12-pack in the fridge… grab a couple hotdogs and we’ll have a light lunch before we head out on the next mission, yo.”

“I would prefer it, yo, no other way”, he replies as he jumps off the couch.

“With enthusiasm”, I reply as I roll my eyes, ‘keep the I to yourself and the we to other people, yo. Cook two hotdogs for me, today, and we’ll eat a pro-per dinner when, yo, we get back.”

“So”, I continue speaking to the board as I turn my head to look out the window in the highrise, “you think that we should do 50/50 or 51/49?”

“It’s an interesting question”, the board replies in unison, “we need more time to think, yo.”

“You have no more time”, I reply as I set the pen on the table, “sign the contract or I am going to burn it.”

“But, isn’t it better to get something compared to nothing?”

“You see”, I reply as I pick up up the pen and slide it behind my ear, “when you set a precedent too low–you’ll never change it. You need to decide from the get go that you will get what you’re worth–you start compromising and accepting less and you will never get more. This is why we have standards that we need to keep and ways that we operate that assure we will be successful now but also in the future. Success today but what the fuck is going to happen tomorrow, yo? You need to really make sure that you are doing well now but also that your future is going to be better; one eye on today and one eye on tomorrow.

“But”, the board responds as they slam their fists on the wooden table in the conference room in Suite 138 on floor 309, “we need more equity in the business. We can’t afford to liquidate assets that we can’t replace–if you want to make an offer that feeds the next 7 generations then we’ll consider it.”

“Business is risky, yo?”, I reply a I pull the lighter from my pants pocket, “as I am majority shareholder and you are trying to pull a hostile takeover, I’ll be burning this contract and you’ll be getting nothing.”

Moments later, I leave the small conference room and lock the door.

I blink twice at the trash compactor symbol and my aluminum soda can is departiculized and turned into a set of dinner utensils.

I sigh as I sit down at the table.

“It never gets easier running this business–success is what I do when and when not you are looking.”

I stick my fork into the digital.mashed.potatoes and take a bite.

“So Danna”, I start speaking as I turn my head to my daughter, “you said that you had problems with a bully today at school, yo?”

“Esta bien ya papa. Gracias por tu ayuda. Puedamos placticar manana. Ya solo quiero comer. Gracias y saludos por todo.”

“De nada, mija.”

I take another bite of digital.mashed.potatoes.

“So”, I continue speaking to her, “you think that 51/49 is a fair deal, yo?”

“Esta interesante pero despues los cosas que te puedas necesitar a placticar creo que te necesitas mas como 85/15?”

“Creo que si, Danna.”

I take another bite of digital.mashed.potates; these things never stop getting old.

“So”, I reply as I cut off a small piece of steak from the middle of the table, “you sure that you really thought this through, yo?”

“Claro, papa!”, Danna replies as she takes a sip of apple juice.

“Ok. In that case, sounds good, yo.”

I take a bite of steak and dip it in the digital.mashed.potatoes; it gets old eating the same thing everyday.

July 24th, 2020

I start my day by looking out the window. It’s going to be a cold one.

The rain continues falling as I slowly put on my pants and hit play on my small flip phone. The video starts as I look down at it.

It never gets easier.

The phone rings.

I look over and back out the window.

He never stops calling.

I sigh as I pick up the handset.

“Don’t worry-I’ll be there in 5 minutes. Just make sure you have my coffee ready this time, yo.”

I slam the phone back into it’s holder.


I look back out the window; with all these weather modification digital.programming coding updates this bug was supposed to be fixed.

I sigh; it’ s always something on Planet Dorinto.

“So”, I start speaking as I turn my head to my digital.companion in the bed, ” thanks for a rather unforgettable night. Self-destruct in 15 seconds after I leave this room.”

“Yes, sir!”, he replies as leans back down on to the pillow.

He turns his head towards me as I keep looking out the window.

“You see, sir”, the digital.companion keeps speaking, “it’s a pleasure to be destroyed–it’s what we robots look for.

“Yeah, whatever”, I reply as I sigh, “I just want to make sure that there’s no evidence.”

I look to the door in the small hotel room and then back to the robot.

“Don’t forget to self-destruct 15 seconds after I leave this room.”

“Yes, sir!”, he repeats as he lifts his arm in the air and sticks a thumb up.

“Ok, good.”

I take another deep breath as I sling my backpack on to my shoulder; it’s going to be a long walk to the spot.

“Hey, again”, I continue as I turn my head to the metallic figure, “remember, thanks for nothing, yo.”

I close my eyes for a moment; seconds later, I leave the room.

That would end up being my big mistake. You see there was another person in the room. When I left they turned off the robot and moved him to another room. I wouldn’t learn about this mistake until much later; but, you know, that’s another story for another time for another reader.

I toss a quarter to the bellman in the lobby as she opens the door to the bustling street in the upper-east side of Chi Town.

I tilt my head slightly; it’s always a fight to get a taxi and today looks like it’s going to be no different.

I stick my thumb into the air and instantly a yellow car appears; I need to check if this one is legit.

You see sometimes they disguise regular cars to fool you; you don’t want to make that mistake, yo!

So anyways, I think as I open the door and squeeze in with the other five people in the backseat.

Better to get in the car then to stay in the cold.

I turn my head to the driver.

“Let’s go, yo!”, I think as I blink.

Moments later, the transport pulls into the flow of traffic and we start the descent towards the valley.

I close my eyes and fall asleep; I hope he didn’t fucking forget my coffee again, yo.