“When one trail ends”, I continue speaking as I pick up my taza and take a sip at the cafe by the beach, “it can be retraced to go back to the start, yo.  When the road ends, it also starts from somewhere, yo.  A line is simply a connection between two points.”

“What the hell are you talking about”, Bilta replies as he takes a sip of water, “why would the beginning matter if you know where the end is, yo.”

“Like a stream”, I continue speaking as I sip my coffee, “it matters ’cause that’s the start of the river, yo.  When you know where the water starts, you can properly determine how to reroute, dam or plug up the stream, yo.  From flowing downhill, it can be a small action to stop the entire river, yo.  See what’s going on at the start, from there, it can be easy to find a simple answer to the question of rerouting the stream around the new settlement, yo.  Another way to say it, if you know the accurate picture then you can rework the problem to a better fix, yo.”

“Why would you be concerned”, he replies as he shifts in his recliner, “wouldn’t you want to know the entire route of the stream, yo.”

“It’s interesting”, I reply as I turn my head to look out the window at the surfers in the water waiting their turns to catch the next set of waves, “learn the real picture, from the real picture, you can propose a real solution / answer / proposition to dealing with the issues, yo.”

“From speculation and guessing comes only uncertainty, yo.”

“It’s hardly”, I continue speaking as I set my coffe down on the small wooden table by the recliner at the cafe by the beach, “worth considering the other option sin life when you can just do straight to the one, and only option or desire in your heart, yo.”

“What’s that”, ghe replies as he takes a sip of hi coffee, “I feel like I eed to do other things, yo.. At times, it’s hard to put my prioorities straight, yo.”

“Your first priority is always where you will put your energy, time and effort, yo.  It’s not worth considering other options when you are already goin got just rush straight forward into the first option likea  bull chasin’ the red cape of the matador, yo.”