“Ultimately”, I continue speaking as I take a sip of coffee from my taza at the small cafe by the beach, “is that your success will not be one step but a sequence of small actions that lead you to your conclusion, yo.”

“What does that mean”, Bilta replies as he turns his head to me, “isn’t the final destination the goal, yo.”

“One would think but really the secret to getting ahead is to understand that 10,000 victories preceed success — 10k pushups come before one is physically fit.  If there was a way to speed up the process or get to the end faster that would be called the way.  As it is, the route to get to success is to take each step deliberately with intent of reaching something better.  As you look, as you go — stay focusing on where that you want to go and you’ll careen in that direction.  Best to look ahead at the road while you drive / best to stay attent on your actions, life and path forward.  Spend too much time looking at others and you’ll not just go nowhere but also cause problems in your own life.  No one is going to help you when you are perfectly able to solve your own issues on your own.  You will never find success through a hand-out but by using your hands through toil to climb up the ladder of success, yo.”

“I want another coffee”, he replies as he puts his hand in the air to signal for the digital.robot.

“What one wants, one gets through their hands in action, yo.”

“The struggle for the blanket in the cold of the night has driven many a lovers to the brink”, I continue speaking as I take a sip of coffee and turn my head to look out the window at the cafe by the beach.

“The brink of what”, he replies as he turns to me and takes a bite of his pastrami sandwich with two slices of tomato, 3 scoops of mayonaise and a slice of haverti chedder.

“The brink of”, I continue talking as I turn my head back to him, “something but anyways, we have a new mission at work.  We are requested to herd a small group of pygmy ferrets into a corral on Planet Ruirew.Q5, yo.”

“Last time”, Bilta replies as he picks up his water and takes a gulp, “it didn’t work very well with just us two — can we invite anyone else, yo.”

“Your point is valid, well thought-out and said at the correct time — however, we have to make-do with what you have and not the proper arrangement for what is requested of us.  I wish this and that but, at the end-of-the-day, a blanket does nothing but keep cold 

“Excuse me”, the digital.robot exclaims as it bumps into the table, “you want a refill on your water?”

“Nah”, Bilta replies as he looks as his cup, “half-full is more then I wanted to begin with.”

“That makes sense”, the robot replies as she shakes her head, “but I wasn’t talking to you.”

“I have had enough water to lift a small fleet of medium-sized cargo ships crossing the Galactic Strait on Planet Vy.23”, I respond as I shrug, “water’s good for showers and surfing but hardly consumption, yo.’

“There is a reason that you are the one drinking the coffee and I am the one that pays the tab at the end of lunch”, I continue speaking as I turn my head back to Bilta, “you probably didn’t start on the same route that I did and you did your best.  One does not change course or rise beyond their ability with no reason.  There is a reason that you asked me for a coffee with expectations that I would pay for our afternoon adventure, conversation and meeting at the end of it.  I did not invite you and I did not call you — there is a purpose to your role that you take.  What you are, be the best at it that you can be.  What path that you are, keep both feet on it with an eye on the future and awareness of what is behind you.  Look forward to keep an eye behind you on what approaches with no warnings but overtakes you blindly with no notice, yo.”

“What does that mean?”, he replies as he turns his head to me briefly then looks out the window at the small cafe by the beach.

“Read the faces on those looking at you to see where their eyes are looking and the expressions they convey toward you.  If you look at the face in front of you, you will always look at the face that approaches you from behind.  Keep your eyes forward, aware and you can see behind you with no lack of certains, yo.”

“One does not make a change in their life with no external stimulus”, I respond as I lean back in my chair at the small cafe by the beach, “an object in motion never deviates from the track until a force comes in to knock it off course.  A person never picks up the tab until they are gently nudged or pushed into taking that action.  You will never do the right thing when all you know is the wrong means to get your way.  Your way is never the right way and the right way is never unintentionally stumbled upon with no prior plan to follow that route, yo.”

“What does that mean”, Bilta replies as he turns his head back to me, “I always have good intentions to help, yo.”

“You always have intentions to lift a finger to me as the check comes and the damage from your caffeinated afternoon is revealed line-by-line in the purchase order meant to be recompensated for by the piece of plastic in your wallet or small bills that you keep in your pants, yo.  One does not sell a coffee without intent to get the reimbursement — the fundamental of a business is a customer that intentionally purchase a product or service.  The basis of capitalism is that what you want, you get — you need to decide what it is that you want and then go for it.  The only step missing is the one you take, yo.”

“What does that mean”, he replies as he turns his head to look at the surfers out in the water waiting for the next set of waves to roll in, “I hardly think that it is possible to both decide an action and also take it, yo.”

“Your legs move because you move them and your mouth moves because you open it and verbalize words that form sentences and punctuations plus feelings, ideas and thoughts that express your idea on how you want me to behave, yo.”